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David Griffin
Homemade ECU 🤔?
Комментарий от : David Griffin

Build and Rebuild
Great video! You should do more of this stuff.

Now that you've prototyped it, You can print your own PC board and socket your own ATMEGA328 and have your relay right on board... or not. it's a good bit of work. For long term durability, I think 12v is a bit high of input for an Arduino-type board and may fry it (as the voltage regulator next to the barrel jack is not heatsinked and too small to take a 13.8v car battery/alternator input and cool itself,) so you should power it from a separate 5v regulated power supply, even if you just hack apart a cheap cell phone car charger circuit. Also, instead of adding the LED externally, you can do LED_BUILTIN if that Elegoo board is 100% compatible with a real Arduino Uno - pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT); and digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH); The onboard LED is tied to different pins on different boards, you can also just figure out which pin it is and specify that one with your code. I think it is pin 13 on your board if it is compatible with the Uno. If you stuck the LED on pin 13, and defined it, it would light the onboard in addition to the external one. I just discovered this channel today, and have been following your main channel since the Aston Martin maybe? We miss your content, hope you have something awesome in the works.

Комментарий от : Build and Rebuild

Matt Glandorf
I’m wanting to do an active aero setup, spoiler up at 45 down at 25, lets make it happen
Комментарий от : Matt Glandorf

If you want to double the security for your car you can have the correct RFID enable the LCD display (one is included in your Arduino kit) where the user will then have to enter a password or pin number via a keypad (should also be in your kit).
Комментарий от : Waltkat

William Mccall
Looking at doing this on my build, would also like to use one as a gear indicator and shift light setup and could these even be used to make a tracker ?
Комментарий от : William Mccall

Aaron Paul
How about using the light sensor for an auto ON headlights!!!!
Комментарий от : Aaron Paul

Robert Lee
Which Ardunio do you have?
Комментарий от : Robert Lee

Ethan Macheras
Quite in depth and could see myself doing something like this with a lot of pausing and playin as I watch the video and do it my self lol
Комментарий от : Ethan Macheras

Ryan Herdrich
Would like to see how this could be applied to automatically lock the doors a short time after the car is turned off if the remote locking is not used. (I keep forgetting to lock my doors)
Комментарий от : Ryan Herdrich

Daniel Suitor
Would it be the same process for integrating it into the car if you have a key ignition id like to do it in my jeep cus it spends most of its life doorless and it would be nice to have it set up so you would have to have the RFID tag and the key for the ignition to start the jeep
Комментарий от : Daniel Suitor

Brock Hazelett
I really like the idea behind this but I am curious about making a nfc version of this to work with Apple car key
Комментарий от : Brock Hazelett

This would be good with older cars like 90-00 Hondas, they known for getting stolen
Комментарий от : ツBlu_em1

Hussam Alshami
Connect the arduino a Bluetooth module so you can lock and unlock your car via smartphone
Комментарий от : Hussam Alshami

Bennie Hurter
Hi Chris how about a basic Body Control Module simulation on Arduino where you control lights, indicators, locking the car etc.
Комментарий от : Bennie Hurter

Here's how to hack your Arduino keyfob solution and tips on how to 'harden' the security of your build with encryption: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTObKtHzroM
Комментарий от : diggleboy

BeGood America
Комментарий от : BeGood America

Peter Staszalek
Love this
Комментарий от : Peter Staszalek

To save power, you should add some sleep functionality so the arduino wakes up when a card is scanned and its not always operating at full power.
Комментарий от : sturdeac

I have been waiting to see these types of videos from you since I learned you were a software engineer years ago. I'm a computer engineer and these videos always excite me.
Комментарий от : sturdeac

Jeremy Palon
Carefull when doing these things in modern cars since almost everything is computer controlled and very sensitive
Комментарий от : Jeremy Palon

Márton Wapper-Nagy
Relays aren't polarized.
Комментарий от : Márton Wapper-Nagy

Ranielle Placido
Try to put that in your lotus or in your lambo
Комментарий от : Ranielle Placido

Kyle Shelton
Bypass the push button altogether and have a rfid card that just starts the car as long as your foot is on the brake pedal.
Комментарий от : Kyle Shelton

Casey’s Garage
Cool little video of something different I like it! Hope you get better soon!
Комментарий от : Casey’s Garage

That is not a arduino, that is a ripoff...

And plug in a resistor on the led so you doesnt fry it :)

I have a arduino running height adjustment on my bags for my 350z along with height sensors from Landroover, they are really useful for anything, you imagination is the limit :D

Комментарий от : Joxsonw

Xachary Chapman
Have the arduino sniff can bus and display the data as gauges on a screen
Комментарий от : Xachary Chapman

Ariel Bertinatti
nice video, please use a transistor to drive the relay or the complete relay module from the kit, to avoid damange to the arduino
Комментарий от : Ariel Bertinatti

Clint Cochrane
I've been looking for something like this. I really want to do an nfc ignition. This get me most of the way there.
Комментарий от : Clint Cochrane

Kjetil Trondsen
As I have been thinkering a lot with microcontrollers like arduino, there are couple of things to be aware off:
1 - the outputs of the arduino can't handle any power at all, use a resistor in series with the led to limit the current. 100 - 330 ohms will limit current to sub 20mA and will bee good.
2 - relay is an inductive load seen from the arduino. Inductive loads sends voltage peaks when turned off. Those peaks can make the program lookup, or even fry the output of the arduino. Use a diode in parallel to the relay to stop the peaks and a transistor to limmit current from the output. Or just use a relay module with all included - search for relay module optocoupler arduino on eBay
3 - use a dc-dc voltage converter between your car battery and the arduino to lower the voltage. The converter saves som current and is better for your battery and your arduino.
4 - rfid is not the safest electronic id, easy to copy with cheap eBay tools. When rfid is used it is normally used to non critical things, more like an barcode. Or if used to get access it is used together with a pin code. If people don't know where the reader is in the car and that you are using it at all, that may maybe pass as a code, but when on YouTube you ar solely relying on that easy to copy rfid ID....

Комментарий от : Kjetil Trondsen

Stanimir Rankovski
Search for Arduino Nano. its the same thing but its 4 times smaller :)
Комментарий от : Stanimir Rankovski

soham bhattacharya
Do a automatic headlight turn on and off with the arduino. Like in the dark the headlights turn on automatically and in the light it turns off.
Same with the wetness sensor do a automatic wiper on when it senses rain.

Комментарий от : soham bhattacharya

Gautham Sakthi
Комментарий от : Gautham Sakthi

Dead beef
Комментарий от : TheGreeNinja13

Colten Turner
Good how to, I've never looked into these but now I want too
Комментарий от : Colten Turner

Sam Vieira
Hey man, loving thw new channel!! You could add a Red LED if the card doesnt match. Keep it up
Комментарий от : Sam Vieira

Chris K
The guy in your painting kinda looks like Oscar, he is your superman after all
Комментарий от : Chris K

Jason Kyle
Ive wanted this for my motorcycle for a while. THANK YOU for this.
Комментарий от : Jason Kyle

Forbidden Bit
Great :)
Комментарий от : Forbidden Bit

Kris Abel
So sweet! I just did an arduino nano booost gauge and flex fuel sensor % read out project. Really cool and really cheap using an AEM 3.5bar sensor. I recommend fiverr for programming support.
Комментарий от : Kris Abel

Brandon Smith
This is fucking awesome. I have a push button I put in my 82 GT that still has the key so it can not be stolen as easy. I need to do this.
Комментарий от : Brandon Smith

You need to feature your other channels on your main channel
Комментарий от : tech

Chicken Permission
all they have to do is intercept the key.
Комментарий от : Chicken Permission

Brian Hickerson
Keep it up
Комментарий от : Brian Hickerson

Tripp Williamson
You need a blocking diode across the leads of the relay. Back EMF from the coil will eventually blow up the Arduino i/o. It would also be better to drive the relay with a transistor or fet, even though the Arduino can supply enough current to pull in the relay its always a good idea to use a relay driver chip or a transistor and a blocking diode. You could also use a SSR (Solid state relay) and that solves a lot of problems.
Комментарий от : Tripp Williamson

Louis Subearth
Wiring it to the starter might be a good idea, but wiring it to the fuel pump could be more useful. Without the RFID key, they could break the glass and hotwire the car, but good luck trying to manually wire the fuel pump within a getaway time frame.
Комментарий от : Louis Subearth

Martian Manhunter
This might be a bit boring to some but I love to watch all this tech stuff keep it coming 👍
Комментарий от : Martian Manhunter

Fotis Fotiou
So if you wanted to make this for the Huracan, could you scan the ID from the factory key, and program the Arduino to accept it, so that you could avoid using the blue dongle?
Комментарий от : Fotis Fotiou

Please use a relay module and Not a standalone Relay in order to save the Arduino.

Комментарий от : pomadh

Crazy ATV rider
I have one question, is it possible to wire a little alarm on this system so when the card is not the right one, an alarm triggers on for a while??
This is a very awesome idea that you want to integrate Arduino stuff in cars, I like it very much!!!

Комментарий от : Crazy ATV rider

Absolutely the most tortured description of a relay I've ever head in my life...If a listener didn't know how a relay works-you didn't help.. (take that has the jest it was meant...)
Комментарий от : ITWUT

dustin evans
If anyone else is looking for Arduino projects, please check out the Adafruit Industries YouTube page.
Комментарий от : dustin evans

Patrick Clarke
It would be cool if you made a HUD that projects on the windshield.
Комментарий от : Patrick Clarke

I started down the path of creating a touch screen odb2 real-time scanner using an arduino, it was a fun project
Комментарий от : elitecpudoc329

Trent Smith
I want to learn how to do autolight sensing head light, I think your the man for the job
Комментарий от : Trent Smith

Brandon Hanner
Heads up, youre sourcing about double the recommended max current (71mA/40mA) out of that arduino to drive the relay, according to the relay datasheet. Couple that with the fact that there is no diode placed across the coil of the relay means your uno is not long for this world :) You should buy one of those cheap breakout boards on amazon that have a diode and transistor to drive the coil of the relay.

Love the video!

Комментарий от : Brandon Hanner

Steven Bruce
Why not put the light behind the push to start button? That way when the key is scanned and accepted the push to start button lights up
Комментарий от : Steven Bruce

Jim Mccrank
Love this new channel. I have been playing with Arduino now for the past year. My room is now over run with controller boards, sensors, wifi's, and thousands of little parts, wires U name it, I got it . LOL Wait till you start with the raspberry Pi's, zero, zero W 2, 3, and don't forget Pi4 with 4 gigs of ram. It has become an obsession. But for a 69 year old handicapped person it is fun and keeps the mind working. The mustang is looking great but take care of yourself and those around you. Thanks
Комментарий от : Jim Mccrank

Vincent Wang
Very cool! I've been playing with the idea to use an Arduino to receive sensor data (coolant temp, oil temp, oil pressure, etc.) to display onto a screen and even data log it. Another thought was to automate the mechanical sliders on my car's HVAC.
Комментарий от : Vincent Wang

1,000 subscribers with no vids
Thanks now my car won’t get stolen lol
Комментарий от : 1,000 subscribers with no vids

Papa T
Wing controls by arduino
Комментарий от : Papa T

White Thunder
I love this!
Комментарий от : White Thunder

james mayo
Just double check to be sure that the arduino is 12V tolerant if you plan to just cut of the barrel connector and attach that to your car. If its not the minimum you need is about 5V, and it is at least 9v tolerant, so you might be able to find a power source on your car that outputs somewhere in that range. If not there are a lot of easy and cheap DC to DC buck converter modules you can use to step down the voltage, or if you are in isolation for much longer and get really bored you could always make your own with a few simple components.
Комментарий от : james mayo

Co Oliver
Комментарий от : Co Oliver

I've never coded but as a security guy isn't hard coding values into code generally a bad idea? I get this is supposed to be an easy project but isn't there a way to reference a variable without actually hard coding the number and then getting the number from an encrypted file or somewhere else? Again I get the purpose of the video, I'm just wondering. Thx
Комментарий от : vmoutsop

auto on/off high beams- high beams turn off when it senses the headlights of another vehicle and back on when it doesn't sense the light anymore?
Комментарий от : xXJAEGER50Xx

Nik Blagovič
You really shouldn't put an arduino in a car since they're not reliable enough and not designed to run 24/7
Комментарий от : Nik Blagovič

Looking for a project to get me started in programming hopefully this helps. Add this channel to your channels on the BisforBuild Channel
Комментарий от : Salimji26

Brian Pinson
Chris, this was a home run for me. Love this stuff! IM A NERD AND INTO CARS TOO!!
Комментарий от : Brian Pinson

Ilya Kovchenkov
You shouldn't connect a relay directly to arduino's gpio pins. You should at least add a diode between the relay's coil pins. When relay turns off, it generates high back voltage impulse which can glitch or even kill arduino. You can use relay module from kit. It has built it diode.
Комментарий от : Ilya Kovchenkov

Sweet! One of the next things on my list is making my overland Discovery2 push to start and now after watching this i know how im going to do it. Thanks! Great work
Комментарий от : xrguy650

Ivan Zaevski
Does this means that you will have to put your RFID on the scanner again to turn OFF your car as well? :)
Комментарий от : Ivan Zaevski

Roelf ten Brink
For long tem use in your car, please don't forget a current limiting resistor for you led. And a fly back diode (and probably a resistor also) inline with with the relay.
Комментарий от : Roelf ten Brink

Dude this is so awesome. Definitely should do an Arduino series with a bunch of other car stuff. Could replace a lot of little functions you only get with high end gauges and stuff!
Комментарий от : PancakePlease

Hi Chris, Hope you are feeling better mate, best wishes , stay safe from Wales UK.
Комментарий от : boastyy

Molten Cheese Bear
You could read a PWM signal from an ECU and control a stepper motor that you retrofitted to a gauge on a classic car's dashboard. Like when you engine swap a subaru turbo engine to a VW T3 bus but you want the cockpit to look totally factory. Or measure the RPM of any rotating part using hall sensors. Or you could use a capacitive fuel gauge on a custom fuel tank instead of those clunky floats on potentiometers and then display the value in whatever way you choose. You could measure the pulse width on your injectors and calculate the fuel consumption on a pre OBD-2 car (there is already an arduino project doing just that). You could 3d-Print your own rear lights in transparent plastic and implement wild sequential blinkers and stuff in arduino. You could put a million buttons on your steering wheel and have them connect to a controller in your steering wheel and send the resulting commands through an I2C (or CAN) bus wire down the steering column to another arduino which then interfaces to whatever you want (blinkers, lights, audio controls, cruise control). Speaking of which, just google "arduino canbus".
I am so glad you discovered arduino, this will open up an infinite number of possibilities for you.

Комментарий от : Molten Cheese Bear

Charles Kozak
Maybe a full DIY Pi-dash install...🤔
Комментарий от : Charles Kozak

Migal Bothma
Awesome work Chris. The ATMega328 chipset is perfect as the barrel jack supports 7-12v VIN. I would highly suggest a few cheap and somewhat easy projects. 12v battery level via a voltage divider circuit. A DHT-22 for internal and/or external vehicle temperature, humidity and a barometric pressure(environmental stats influences HP). Some ds18b20 temperature probes mounted to take temperatures on the gearbox/intercooler , etc... AND finally a center console LED screen to display vehicle metrics (voltage, temps,environment) ... I am also a software developer by day as you were, and a passionate maker by night and hope to soon develop my own electronics products here in sunny South Africa :)
Комментарий от : Migal Bothma

Justin Luton
Great concept Chris! Only thing that I'd mention is that the arduino and Rfid will kill the battery pretty quickly if left powered up all of the time, I did a similar project with an nrf51822 (bluetooth) and you really need to keep power draw down to a couple of mA so that you don't drain the battery over time.
Комментарий от : Justin Luton

Please do more cool things w Arduino and cars my professor used it two times in class and since I’ve never touched it 😂
Комментарий от : DonKeyFaRT

Ben C
Great video! I wouldn't rely on this as your only way of securing the car though. First, if someone has access to your rfid for a few seconds they can scan it and easily make another one. Second, if they have a bit of time with the car they can read your code off the Arduino, decompile it, see what that number is, then make another key. Or just watch this video but I'm guessing you will not use that actual number, 93, 234 whatever it was :) You can fix the second problem quite easily by doing a secure one-way hash of the number on the card and matching on that instead of just matching the number directly. That way there's nothing stored on the board that a thief can use.
Комментарий от : Ben C

Is there a way to control an differential with clutch packs using an Arduino?
Комментарий от : ZombieHitman63

Chase Falgout
A homemade parking proximity warning would be cool. Using the depth sensor to tell Low Bois how close they are to that parking curb
Комментарий от : Chase Falgout

Nice job! One of my first arduino projects was a RFID keyless entry. Fun times
Комментарий от : dvernor

Juan Ramirez
Do auto start
Комментарий от : Juan Ramirez

Hey Kyle, you should do this. youtu.be/SZiRISGdQ4g At least you won't have to worry about losing your keys.
Комментарий от : Moe247365

Joseph Sandifer
Does the are Arduino have function that will let you change the color of the car?
Комментарий от : Joseph Sandifer

joseph olvera
Lol bring back memories from my mechatronics class and our. Robotic hand
Комментарий от : joseph olvera

Jeroen Goossens
You should also consider adding a new video on converting this into an actual PCB. Very simple with EasyEDA and cheap too. I’d recommend an arduino nano for size, and just doubleside the thing with some screw terminals on the bottom for power and signals, and rfid mounting points on the top.
Комментарий от : Jeroen Goossens

Ali Bazzi
doesnt the 2015 mustang gt alr have push to start?
Комментарий от : Ali Bazzi

dan brown
What would you need to do if the key leaves the vehicle?
Комментарий от : dan brown

I am Brian
This was pretty interesting, thanks for sharing! Now are the keys programmable for different performance capabilities on the burntacon? Kind of like the regular vs racing keys? That would be neat!
Комментарий от : I am Brian

Now you are getting into my security world ! :)
Комментарий от : RideThe6

Ashe ro
hire me we can make some incredible things🤩 i can code C and python
Комментарий от : Ashe ro

Nathaniel Levy
Please do more !!!
Комментарий от : Nathaniel Levy

JC Bapps
Can you have a second RAD that triggers valet mode. Love this man good to see someone taking the community to the next level
Комментарий от : JC Bapps

You made an immobilizer.
Комментарий от : theroburrito

GreenTurd Auto
I love behind the build. I’d like to see 3D printing detailed on this channel when you have a reason to do it again.
Комментарий от : GreenTurd Auto

Chinedu iwuaba
Pls do more like this, this was sick
Комментарий от : Chinedu iwuaba

I’m currently messing about with an automatic gearbox conroller using an arduino. It’s not in the car yet but i’m getting there.
Комментарий от : redcrow2006

Комментарий от : McWillies

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