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Hey friends, Have you ever wanted to disable all wifi signal without knowing the wifi passwords. or just want to kick someone out from your own wifi or a neighbors wifi. Well today in this video i will show you how to make wifi jammer in easiest way. Here is the $5 DIY Wifi Jammer to try for yourself. This wifi jammer is so tiny you can fit into pocket. and carry it anywhere. it can powered through your power bank. You can perform multiple types of deauth attack, random beacon spam, beacon spam attack.

Declaimer : This is just for educational purpose. Please do try this on your own risk as wifi jammer legal permissions are different for many countries.

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***before #endif add following lines:

typedef void (*freedom_outside_cb_t)(uint8 status);
int wifi_register_send_pkt_freedom_cb(freedom_outside_cb_t cb);
void wifi_unregister_send_pkt_freedom_cb(void);
int wifi_send_pkt_freedom(uint8 *buf, int len, bool sys_seq);

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2) Battery (optional): http://geni.us/okAOH

3) OTG Cable: http://geni.us/VwpNbB

4) Power Bank: http://geni.us/J4mwnu

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★☆★ WiFi Jammer Vs WiFi Jammer - Can WE Jam WiFi Jammer ?

★☆★ Download project files from here (Credit goes to the original creator Stefan Kremser aka spacehuhn )

★☆★ Wifi Jammer App ESP8266 Android APK ★☆★ *Updated

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Learn more about deauth attack

Disabling wifi :
This wifi network jammer performs deauth attack to jamm the signals. Without knowing anyones wifi password you can be wifi disabler with just small esp8266 chip.


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