12V to 220V arduino inverter sine 2000W

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Today I repaired and completed the sine inverter project using Arduino. This is an old project but it has some bugs, I fixed them. This video only tests how arduino creates pure sine wave using SPWM. I am designing a 2KW power PCB with "heart" as an nano arduino board. Maybe the next video I can finish it and share it with everyone. Below is the old 300W PCB, using "Inverter Shield". designed by me, Sorry, you can't buy it at the store or on the web because I don't sell them, I just design and share PCB files, you have to learn how to create your PCB from PDF files or files. BRD (of eagle software).
All my projects are free, I design them on EAGLE 6.0. I uploaded it to Google drive. You need to use a web browser to download the file and open the file with winrar software (extract) on the PC. Open schematic file (.SCH) and PCB file (.BRD) with EAGLE software.
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Facebook group : http://bit.ly/CreativeElectronic
Diagram here : File 40 in http://bit.ly/AllLink You need web browser to download file (I upload it to google drive), open the file with winrar on PC. I use EAGLE 6.6 to design the PCB.

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