#94 TM1637 LED Controller (Part 2) using NTP Server

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Finally a follow up to video #43 in which I describe how multiplexing in 7-segment LEDs work. I was supposed to continue that with this video, oh well, a year late is better than not doing it at all!

Just to add interest we discuss how to get the time from the internet (not so trivial or reliable) using a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. We've covered this before in video #75 (using an Arduino Ethernet shield) but here we use a much more powerful µController, the ESP8266-13E as used in the EspDuino board, an UNO-sized replacement (more or less).

You can download a version of the Arduino IDE with it all configured and ready to go for an ESPDuino using the links below NO FURTHER CONFIGURATION REQUIRED - this can be used in parallel with your existing Arduino IDE.

All the sketches are included too, as well as copies of the libraries I've used (these have an irritating habit of either disappearing or being changed so they no longer work with some sketches, so at least you have the identical library that I used in my sketch and therefore you will know the sketch will run correctly!)

Do read the readme file so you don't get the libraries and sketches confused - we use different libraries for different sketches.

Here's a link to the ESPDuino board (no, I don't get commission!) and even better, it includes a link to the special version of the Arduino IDE with instructions.


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