Arduino Controlled Solar Power Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs

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My Arduino turns on/off mining rigs as solar power is available automatically so I can get maximum mining time even when I am not home to check on the computers.

I am nearing completion of the project to control my off grid solar powered cryptocurrency mining farm automatically using an Arduino micro computer.

I have a volt meter which checks the input voltage from the solar panels. Then the Arduino will turn on solar powered cryptocurrency mining rigs as the sun rises and the power becomes available.

Later as the sun sets in the sky or clouds or rain pass by, the Arduino will turn off mining rigs as needed to save the solar battery bank from harm.

I have it fully functional controlling a real cryptocurrency mining rig on my test bench. Now it is time to take it out to the off grid cryptocurrency mining farm and put it into real world use.

I am also going to be adding control for more computers of course so I can automatically control the entire solar powered cryptcurrency mining farm at all times.

Follow the entire build and video series here:

Building A Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

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