Arduino gas sensor - example tutorial

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Do you want to know how to use arduino gas sensor? See in this video an example of implementation of MQ4 gas sensor for arduino.
You can also see full review and code here:

I used an MQ4 gas sensor which costs 1.3 $ and a Arduino UNO R3 board to make the readings. The MQ4 version of the gas sensor is built to measure methane gas and has 4 pins:
- 1 VCC +5v power line
- 1 GND -5v ground
- AO - analog output for readings
- DO - digital output for logic signal used for alarms or triggers like relays

Also this gas sensor has two leds embedded, ore red for power and one green for DO channel. It has a calibration manual setting coil which can be easily modified. This device needs 5v and ~150mA to work properly and has a calibration stage which can take up to 20 minutes. For more details please read the datasheet which can be found here:

Also check a complete review and tutorial about ESP8266-01 WiFi Arduino compatible module:

Tested version can be bought from bellow:

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