Arduino Hand Gesture Control Computer Using Python || Arduino Project

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In this project, I have implemented a simple Arduino based hand gesture control where you can PLAY/PAUSE a video, INCREASE or DECREASE the volume and also go to NEXT video(in VLC Player) with the help of hand gestures.
If you do changes in programming you can add a lot more features and even try playing games using this.

Voice: Aqueeb Khan

00:00 Working
00:50 Components & Connections
02:57 Arduino IDE Installations
03:11 Arduino Coding
03:48 Python Installations
04:56 Python Coding

Arduino code & Python code:

python download link:

pyserial download link:

If you are getting error to run the command "python -m pip install pyautogui", you can try "pip install pyautogui===0.9.39"

Components Buying Link:
1. Arduino Uno:

2. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

3. Connecting Wire & Breadboard:
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