Arduino Mechanical TV #34 - Selecting File to Play

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This is part of my Mechanical TV build. The Nextion LCD display is used for the UI to select files from the SD card. I spent some time making a stand-alone version of the selection dialog for the Nextion ITEAD people - hopefully it gets placed in their "how to" section. It was a good diversion as I improved the methods I'm using to communicate with the display.

I just got the "select and play" working - so this video is showing selection of a video from the menu, and that video being played. I don't quite have the code working which STOPS a video and lets you select another, so I'm re-uploading the code between videos here. But in principle you can see how it's working - and this is the first time I've been able to select files to play without having to manually change the filename in the source code.

The new UI code I wrote is also much more responsive. In particular, where I used to poll each control in a A... B... C fashion, one per main loop... now I just have callback functions which effectively let me handle any control instantly and also dramatically decreases the traffic over the serial comms to the Nextion LCD. So it's come out pretty well.

You can follow my build of this Arduino Mechanical Television on the NBTV forum at

Portions of video showing the singing lady are from a reconstruction of original 1930s material, produced by, and copyright, Don McLean. I have converted the video to 32 line format, and used a subset only, for demonstration of the video running on my televisor. I believe this falls within "fair use" but to be absolutely clear - such material is still copyright Don McLean and you should visit his amazing website to view the reconstructions in all their glory.
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