Arduino MFRC522 RFID module Pinouts, Interfacing, how to read RFID tags ID identity number and use

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Do you want to learn what is an RFID system? How to Interface any RFID Module? how to read the identification numbers of multiple tags? and then how to use those tags to perform specific tasks by the controller? then watch this tutorial from start to the very end. Let's get started
This is the MFRC522 RFID module that we will be using today. Rfid Means Radio frequency identification. RFID uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data over short distances. You can use an rfid system to open a door, It can be used to make a student attendance system, It can be used to control a machine, it can be used in cars and bikes for Anti-theft protection.
In upcoming tutorials we will be using rfid system in so many different projects, for example
1. Door opening system.
2. Product enquiry system
3. students attendance system
4. Car and bike anti theft system
5. Electrical loads controlling
6. hotel room management and much more.
As this is my first video on RFID system, So in today's episode we will cover only the basics. like...
RFID module Pinouts
SPI bus explanation
How to read tags and then how to use them using Arduino programming.
Watch this tutorial completely as we will be using the same RFID module and tags in upcoming tutorials.
So first of all let's start with its Pinouts.

The first pin is the vcc and this will be connected with 3.3v of the arduino........ pin number 2 is the RST or reset.. pin number 3 is the ground.....while the MISO pin...MOSI PIN....SCK pin and NSS pin, these four pins are the spi pins and will be connected with the Arduino SPI pins, In Arduino the spi pins are

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