Arduino Timelapse Intervalometer/SLR Controller II - With Sensor Triggering

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I decided to do an upgrade to my Canon SLR timelapse controller (originally poster here:, adding the ability to start timelapse or trigger photos with a sensor. In this case, I used a photoresistor as the sensor, but you could use anything.

The code is at:
And the printed circuit (Express PCB format): - I've packed 3 of them on one board, getting 9 from one order. The pins for the arduino assume that you're plugging in an Ardweeny ( to those pins. All you have to do is apply 5V to the far right-hand side pins (labeled V+ and GND.)
An image of the PCB:

I'll get some sensor-triggered photos and videos up eventually, but for now:
One of my timelapses:
Another timelapse:

(Feb 10, 2014) I've made some changes to the behavior since shooting this video. Rendering to the LCD takes about 16ms, so I did some ugly trickery with the code to make it optional. See the comments at the top of the source file.
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