Control computer using arduino and hand gestures

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In this project,we are going to learn how to build a technique of gesture controlled Laptops or computers,It based on using the power combination of Arduino and Python.

Instead of using a keyboard, mouse or joystick, we can use our hand gestures to control certain functions of a computer like play/pause a video, move left/right in a photo slide show, scroll up/down in a web page and many more,This is why I decided to control VLC Media Player as hand gestures project.

The idea behind the project is quite easy by using two Ultrasonic Sensors (HC-SR04) with arduino,We will place the two Sensors on the top of a laptop screen and calculate the distance between the hand and the sensor.Counting on the information from Arduino that is send to the python through the serial port,This information will be then read by python which is running on the computer in order to perform certain actions.

Hardware components :

1. Arduino

2. Two Ultrasonic Sensors (HC-SR04)

3. Some wires

Software apps :

1. Arduino IDE

2. Python IDLE

3. PySerial library (We will use to communicate with serial ports).

4. PyAutogui library (We will use to perform actions).

So I assume that you have already installed Python and PySerial library and have successfully done some basic projects. If not, don’t worry I advice you to follow my previous tutorial(Programming Arduino Using Python: ).Also if you want to get acquainted with the Ultrasonic Sensor you can take a look (here:

For more details about the project :
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