Custom #Camaro # Android App MIT app Creator #OBDII

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this is a display of a custom-made Camaro app that I made for my vehicle. It is controlling an arduino board that controls relays that are controlled via BLE bluetooth low energy. This has an open air range of a couple hundred feet.

This was created through #MIT #mitappinventor using my own photos and setting the app to only control and look for that device only. the relays control a remote that I programmed to the car, took apart and soldered to the board allowing complete relay control over any remote functions. the OBD2 has a splitter with one being a Window valet and the other being an #OBD2 interface. I tapped my app directly into the popular app #Torque from the #google app store.

This device is also tied into Androids app #Tasker which gives you complete autonomous controlled over your phone. I have tied this into #autovoice which allows me to tie it into #Googlehome for #googleassistant and watch control.

Possibilities of creating you own app are amazing so please share below some of things your custom app would do for your car below.
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