D33: ROVer Robot: The Arduino's Map Function Allows Us to Send LARGE Speed & Values as small ones

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As you know, I'm no expert in anything programming related, but I'm always learning. I came across a YouTube video (https://youtu.be/SpabOCIOTO4) that mentioned something about Arduino Map (I was exploring LIDAR..., but that's a post for another day) and learned about this basic, but very useful function that will help in getting messages over to the Android Tablet from the RoboClaw motor controllers... by way of the Arduino (Uno, then MEGA ADK).

Check out the video, but the long-and-short of it is is that it allows one to send proportional values between 0 and 255 that would otherwise not get through... like our encoder values that have way too many digits.

Please send questions and feedback! ...really, please! The main reason I started this channel was to hear from others who are interested in DIY robotics. I could really use your insights! Looking forward to hearing form you.

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