DIY Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser || Without Arduino || Techie Lagan

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DIY Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser || Without Arduino.
In this video I have made an Automated Sanitizer Dispenser without using Arduino. Keep your hands clean by filling it with liquid soap, hand sanitizer or with rubbing alcohol. By reducing physical contact, an automated dispenser keeps virus from spreading around in communal areas.

I've seen several Arduino automated liquid dispensers circulating the web. I find using Arduinos a bit overkill for this specific project. Arduinos are far too expensive. I figured using a simple transistor or MOSFET would do the job, which would also drastically reduce the costs. Obviously, the absence of a micro controller removes control of over spilling, but then, I did find out that using a wire knot on the pipe inside the container would physically limit the flow of liquid. There are several two transistor RC circuits that would solve the over spilling problem but the single transistor design works well, given that you tie a wire knot on the pipe to reduce the flow of liquid.

Parts or Materials required:
- Proximity Sensor
- DC Water Pump
- TIP32C PNP Transistor
- Wires
- Aquarium Tubing
- Old Glass Jar/Plastic bottle
- 12 volt DC female jack
- 12 volt DC power supply
- Sanitizer/ Rubbing Alcohol/liquid soap

Circuit Diagram Link: (
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