DIY Brain-Computer Arduino Interface Tutorial Part 7

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How to make a simple Human Brain to Arduino/robot interface!
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This is third part of testing my human brain to robot interface. This is my Arduino Brain-computer interface directly controlling my InMoov 3D printed robot arm as well as displaying the data live on the PC via Processing sketch. You can get all the Arm files and info here:

Imagine- A DIY prosthetic arm controlled by the human brain, 3D printable anywhere in the world, at a budget that many can actually afford. Perhaps for rehabilitation, perhaps as an actual limb- if it somehow helps just a single person- I will have succeeded.

I can honestly say this project has been a huge success! I could not have expected this when I set out on this electronics/3D printing project. I am really excited. Check out my website for the code or instructions or post in the forum.

Thanks in advance for dropping by the site or Forum. It should allow me a place to store my content, instructions and code instead of hijacking other locations all the time :)


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