Embedded 8086 PC emulator with Fake86@EduCIAA

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The great 8086 PC emulator written by Mike Chambers ported to EduCIAA by Telmo Moya. Display is ILI9341 TFT (SPI).
No external (aditional) RAM, so emulated PC has only 112KB of conventional memory and CGA, but enough for DOS (up to 3.30), CP/M, DOS games, Logo and of course IBM ROM Basic.

Fake86 is a portable, open-source 8086/80186 PC emulator written from the ground up in C: https://sourceforge.net/projects/fake86

EduCIAA is an ARM Cortex M4&M0 based board designed in Argentina: http://www.proyecto-ciaa.com.ar
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