ESP 32 Getting Started with Arduino IDE

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In this video i have explained about ESP32 , how to use it?what are its main features?how to use it with Arduino IDE? How to install boards in Arduino IDE for ESP 32 ?
I know i am too late in making this video but the moto is i had little bit trouble in installing esp32 in Arduino IDE so i thought i would make a video & try to highlight the points where most probably mistake occurs, there are alot videos regarding esp 32 out there but all of them are not so informative so i tried to make it in my way.
Esp 32 is just another successor of esp boards & it is a huge update & the features are great i totally loved its performance & its inbuilt BLE,touch sensor,hall sensor,temperature sensor etc.This board is a complete development board which got almost peripheral generally we need to connect & i find it perfect fit for embedded & iot , before this i loved stm32 but as i got my hands on it,i think its a " STM 32 KILLER - ESP 32" .
So all in all i hope you liked my video & i am still trying to improve my video quality & content so don't forget to like & share this video & if you are new here don't for to subscribe too & if have any suggestions or doubts fell free to use comment section.

Download latest Arduino IDE - (Use installer file , do not download zip file otherwise the boards will not get installed so use installer file) -

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Esp 32 Github page -

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