ESP8266 Display JPEGs On NeoPixel Matrix | Drag and Drop To SPIFFS

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In another video we wrote firmware for the ESP8266 that allowed us to upload files to the Flash File System (SPIFFS) over HTTP reducing the time taken by this process ( To upload the files we used the command-line utility *curl* to do so.
In this video, we modify the index file that is served, so that it accepts drag-and-drop files and uploads them to the Flash File System. This allows us to use a browser instead of *curl* for uploading the files. After these changes we upload JPEG images, connect a 16×16 WS2812/NeoPixel matrix to the ESP8266, and write firmware that allows the chip to display them.
• Project parts:
ACROBOTIC Development Board for ESP8266: (affiliate)
ACROBOTIC 16×16 WS2812/NeoPixel matrix: (affiliate)
Detailed guide for getting started with the ESP8266 Development Board:
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Firmware for the Arduino IDE:
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More info about Flash Memory on the ESP8266:
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