Ford CD Changer Emulator with Bluetooth functions (aftermarket) - Ford Audio

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Short video presenting DIY CD changer emulator connected to Ford 6000CD RDS EON.

This is a CD changer emulator which integrates Bluetooth Audio playback (A2DP) and
Bluetooth Hands free (HFP) music streaming into your car stereo system.
ATmega162, Bluetooth module BLK-MD-SPK-B (OVC3860).

Implemented Ford ACP protocol.

Compatible with the following head units (head unit must be marked "CD Changer compatible"):

• 4050RDS, 4500, 4600RDS, 5000RDS, 5000RDS EON, 6000CD RDS, 6000 MP3, 7000RDS

Video filmed in Ford Mondeo Mk III.

Short description in PDF:

There are very similar projects as mine:

It would be easy to implement, because it is based on Arduino platform.
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