graphic eq built with an arduino - or as it should be called "Spectrum Analyser"

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heres the graphical eq i made with an arduino, an MSGEQ7 ic, 8 * 595
shift registers and 64 leds.
i cnc'd some mdf for the 8*8 led matrix. as the MSGEQ7 is a 7 band equalizer i made the first row in the matrix dislay the mean output of all the bands, then each row displays the outut per band, 1 * shift register for each band.
this was a repair & finish job of a project i started a year a go, put to one side and forgot about.

still not quite finished :)

Some info if you want to build your own........

Great tutorial on the MSGEQ7 ic with example Arduino code tutorial on shift registers, a must

At some point I will find a place to put up my code, but for now you'll just have to sit around scratching yer head until you figure it out, its not all that difficult.

You will find the code at my website
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