How to make a Gesture Keyboard - Part 1 - Motion tracking device Arduino MPU-6050 Machine Learning

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After receiving lots of requests in my gesture keyboard video, I decided to make a series of tutorials that will teach you how to make a basic, but fully functional, gesture keyboard.

Link for the Arduino sketch:

The Gesture Keyboard is a device that translates gestures into letters. It's made by an Arduino Pro Micro, an HC-06 module for Bluetooth communication and an MPU-6050 accelerometer.
It sends the data to a computer that, with a Machine Learning algorithm, translates the motion readings into characters.
The library itself is written in Python and uses the Scikit-learn library for the SVM algorithm. This is a very good project also for beginners and can be realized with any type of Arduino like Uno, nano, micro and mega.

Check out the code on GitHub:

A Project by Federico Terzi
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