How to make an Arduino-based Transmitter

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I want a cheap and easy-to-make transmitter so I can make all sorts of projects remote controlled. I then took the not so easy path by designing my own from scratch. But here it is, and I love it. It also ended up looking quite cool – which is a big bonus.

In this video I'll show you how to assemble the hardware and wire all the electronic components. In the next video I'll be doing a lot of programming to make it do all sorts of cool things. So stay tuned for that.


0:00 – Intro
0:35 – 3D Printed Parts
1:16 – Threaded Inserts
1:43 – Electronic Components
3:48 – Optional Component: MPU6050
4:20 – Modifying the Components
5:26 – Wiring
7:02 – Testing the Connections
8:02 – The Final Product
9:09 – Next Steps


Files for 3D printed parts:

The electronic components used in this build:
- Arduino Nano:
- NRF24L01 LNA:
- Power Unit:
- MPU6050:
- Joysticks:
- Rotary encoder:
- 9V connector:
- Switch:
- LCD:

Schematic for wiring everything up:

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