Mallets Bot DIY Instrument V1.0 [Ardunio, MIDI]

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This project shows how to build a simple instrument which plays music on wine glasses. It can be used with a keyboard to play live or playback midi files from your computer.

Project page (work in progress, come back later :-*):

Code and models:

Links to the cheep parts including shipping (affiliate links):

Arduino Pro Micro
$3.60 Aliexpress
$4.04 Ebay US

Solenoid 12V:
$2.49 Aliexpress
$2.66 Ebay US

PWM Shield:
$1.58 Aliexpress
$2.31 Ebay US

FET Module PWM 4-Channel
$4.66 Aliexpress
$4.98 Ebay US

LiPo 3S:
Ebay US
Amazon US

Siglent Oscilloscope:
Amazon US

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