Pretzel Board, a versatile IoT WiFi Board

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IoT WiFi Board
• Arduino™ compatible
• Integrated TCP/IP stack, activatable TCP/UDP server
• Control of the WLAN module by simple AT commands
• Suitable for WLAN, the module can be used as an access point

The IoT WiFi Board is an easy-to-use and freely programmable development board in the context of the Internet of Things.

By simple AT commands you can e. g. launch a Web server, set the module as an access point or establish connection with your home network.

Technical data:
• Interfaces: I²C, UART, SPI
• Flash: 32 KB
• SRAM: 2 KB
• 18 free GPIO pins (6 PWM, 6 analogue inputs)
• Dimensions (L x W): 78 mm x 18 mm
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