Quarantine Hackathon - Farming Likes on Poshmark!

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My entire wardrobe during quarantine has been sweats, hoodies, and tshirts, so I've started to down-size my wardrobe and sell my unworn closed on an app called Poshmark. I found that the fastest way to sell clothes was to gain followers and follow others on the app... but that has taken a lot of time!

Luckily, Microsoft hosts a hackathon each year so that people can learn different technologies and work on things that are different from their day jobs. I decided to take this time to build myself a Arduino machine to swipe for followers on Poshmark... so I don't have to!

I first got the idea when watching somebody do something similar for swiping on Tinder. It was such a fun project and I got something that works pretty decently - so thanks for giving this a watch and let me know what you think! Thanks :)
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