Setting Up Arduino Digital Volt Meter For Solar Mining Farm

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I am setting up an Arduino micro computer to run my solar powered cryptocurrency mining farm automatically.

There are multiple parts to the system. The Arduino will turn on and off mining rigs as the solar power becomes available. And there will be an alarm and security system to keep the mining farm safe from intruders. And there will be a digital volt meter to monitor the solar panel and battery voltages.

For today I am working on the digital volt meter first. In order to make sure I got the LCD display running I first set up a crystal ball game from one of the Arduino guides I have. This also got me comfortable with controlling the LCD display with the Arduino.

Next I gutted that program and set up a digital volt meter using the same circuit.

I removed the ball switch and related components and replace them with a potentiometer (variable resistor). This was connected between 5 volt and ground with the wiper going to an input pin on the Arduino.

Now when I dial the potentiometer, the voltage is shown on the meter.

I can also remove the sense wire and a ground wire and measure the voltage of small batteries.

Back on the homestead I will set up some resistors as a voltage divider so I can read in the 12 volt battery bank voltage.

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