Teensy 3.6 - C64 Emulator

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Teensy 3.6 running a C64-Emulation, realtime. All in software: The shown board is one of my all-purpose-boards ("Flexiboard3") and does nothing special - a simple breadboard works too. The extra "Flexiboard3" features are not used here.
It uses the T3.6 USB-HOST for a USB-Keyboard.
Sound-output via Teensy3 DACs - I2S-16 Bit or even SPDIF is possible.
It uses my long-ago published Teensy-port of "RESID" - the same great SID-emulation which is built into VICE and other emulators.

In this video, the ILI9341 runs with 60MHz SPI (via DMA full-screen-refresh)

Most games work flawlessly - some not, (i hope i can fix them too.) Most VIC-II "special effects" work, including various rasterline-effects (for example, "Paperboy" uses special tricks to "open" the screen-borders and displays sprites where normally the borders are).

Currently, only PRG-Files are supported.

Currently 26K RAM free, 360KB Flash used (but i'll add more features)

I'll publish it in april.

Sorry for the video+sound qualtiy. I know, i need better equipment..
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