Timestamped Arduino Data Logging and Telemetry

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In this video I summarize new features of Telemetry Viewer v0.6 while demo'ing its use with a balancing robot.

- The x-axis of Time Domain Charts can now display elapsed time.
- Timestamps are recorded. Exported CSV files contain the UNIX timestamp for each sample.
- CSV files can be imported (replayed.)
- New and existing charts are configured with a non-modal side panel instead of a pop-up window.
- Layout files and CSV files can be imported via drag-n-drop.
- Charts can be maximized (full-screened.)
- The Time Domain Chart now renders properly even when the sample number is very large.
- Samples are automatically swapped to disk if there's not enough space in RAM.
- Binary mode supports uint8 values.
- Binary mode supports bitfields (for showing boolean and enum values.)
- Various small bug fixes. See the git commit log for more details.

If you are not familiar with earlier versions of Telemetry Viewer, some of my earlier videos will help explain how everything works:


Download the software or read more about it on my website:

Telemetry Viewer is free and open source. If you find it useful and want to "buy me a coffee" that would be awesome: https://paypal.me/farrellfarahbod
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