Wireless Lighting Control With Arduino and Vixen Part 2

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Timing Summary:
00:32 - Breaking up original system into transmitter & receiver
01:05 - writing freakduino transmitter code
03:00 - Writing freakduino receiver code
04:52 - Testing wireless system with Vixen
05:48 - Interfacing LED tape to our lighting circuit with transistors
06:55 - Testing system outdoors
07:42 - Real world examples: UPT flair bartending and Wrecking Crew Orchestra

This is the second part in a two part series on wirelessly controlling lighting with Vixen and the Arduino. In Part 2, we learn how to modify the setup we put together in part 1 to make it wireless. Then we add interface electronics to drive light sources that are larger and more power hungry than LEDs. Finally, I show a demo of some real implementations of the principles in projects.
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You can download vixen here:

Full writeup of this tutorial on the freaklabs blog:
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